May-05-2014 TTB issues permit DSP~IA~21010
August-15-2014  First Certification of label approval filed
September-21-2014 Fermenters and Mash Tun Arrive
October-20-2014 Still Arrives
IN stores February-6th-2015
March-21-2015 Artisan Grain Original Moonshine wins San Francisco world 2015 Bronze Medal
April-3-2015 Artisan Grain Original Moonshine wins ADI 2015 Silver Medal
June-2015 Our Moonshine wins a Gold Medal at the International Whiskey Competition “Worlds Best Moonshine” Gold Medal
November 3rd Artisan Grain Distillery named Iowa Moonshine Distiller of the Year
November 2015 New York International Spirits competition Silver Medal for Whiskey
Artisan Grain Silver Rum now available at our Distillery or Iowa ABD #46019
Gold Rum available October 1st 2016 at our Davenport Distillery and the Iowa ABD #XXXX